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Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

Slab On Metal Deck

Concrete placed on metal deck is one of scopes Chavez Concrete excels routinely preforms, including multi-story commercial buildings.


Cast in Place Concrete Walls

Chavez Concrete can place any type of wall you may need. Chavez Concrete owns their own wall forming system with thousands of linier foot of various forms so they are never limited by rentals.


Concrete foundations are the strength of any building. Chavez concrete is a turnkey construction company who owns several trenchers, backhoes, mini excavators, bobcats, and other necessary equipment to support these processes.


Special Projects

We work on a wide range of projects; including hard bid projects but also prides itself on specialty negotiated design build projects, whether that’s value engineering, suggestions for other local firms in town, Chavez’s long history within the local community allow the team to successfully navigate the local market.

Laser Screeding and 3D Technology

Chavez on several laser screeds to fit its customers needs. Including a large line and small line laser screed. For SOG its able to place up to roughly 75,000 SQFT a night. For paving its successfully placed 106,000 SQFT, 2600 yards in a single night.

Chavez also invested in the latest 3D Bluetooth technology for paving or slabs with slopes, or drains.

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